Engraved Watches

Custom imprinted or engraved watches make a wonderful gift that can truly last a lifetime. From custom watches to fine Swiss you’re sure to find a watch or pocket watch in a price range to suit your needs. Engraved watches and pocket watches make great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, groomsmen gifts, weddings, corporate gifts or any special occasion.

We have a wide variety of watches, and all our watches can be custom imprinted with your logo or promotional message. Watches make excellent corporate gifts! If you’re looking for handsome engraved watches, you have found the right selection that is sure to please.

We have a wide variety of imprinted or engraved watches, and all of our watches can be customized with your logo or promotional message and watches make excellent corporate gifts

It’s about time! We’ve added this fabulous selection of engraved clocks and watches. Perfect for men or women, our engraved clocks and engraved watches selection includes pocket watches, key chain watches, desk clocks, travel clocks, alarm clocks and more.

Watches with Quartz Movements

Choosing engraved watches with quartz movements or otherwise known as battery operated watches have their advantages and drawbacks. Generally speaking, quartz movements are far more accurate then mechanical movements. Imprinted watches with quartz movements operate by dividing time segments using a quartz oscillator, an integrated circuit, stepping motor, gear train and “trimmer” that regulates the frequency. Connected to a small battery inside, a quartz pocket watch will keep running up to 5 years. The quartz oscillator vibrates in high frequency which enables your watch to remain accurate within one minute per year.

The face is usually available in two styles. Analog faces have hour and minute hands which may or may not include a sweep second hand. Digital display engraved watches or LCD watches have a liquid crystal display that is sent directly from the quartz movement and requires no mechanical intervention.

Watches with Mechanical Movements

Unlike quartz engraved watches – mechanical versions can involve well over 100 different parts consisting in three main groups – the power source, regulating assembly (also called the ebauche) and the face assembly. Broken down in segments, mechanical watches consist of the barrel or main spring assembly which provides power and the escapement which provides impulses. The division of time is accomplished via an oscillating balance wheel and hair spring. The winding stem is used for manual winding of the main spring and setting the time. The dial train drives the hours, minutes and second hands. On more complicated mechanical watches, you may also find an oscillating weight that will wind the main spring automatically when the engraved watches are being used on a daily basis.

A hybrid modern day version of quartz watches and mechanical watches incorporates an oscillating weight that actually converts mechanical energy into electrical energy which is then stored in a capacitor.

Purchasing A Swiss Made Watch

Many people are very surprised to find out that the Swiss made watch or pocket watch they just purchased contains many parts that are not Swiss made. It is not uncommon for a Swiss made engraved watches or imprinted watches to contain components such as the bezel, case, case back and strap that are actually made in China and other countries. Generally speaking, the price tells all. If you are spending under $300 for your Swiss Made watch then chances are there are probably many parts that are not made in Switzerland. In fact – the Swiss government decides how many components need to be made in Switzerland in order for a watch to be called Swiss made There are many manufacturers that sell Swiss made engraved watches and imprinted watches for under $200 – but remember, chances are there are numerous parts in these less expensive timepieces that are not made in Switzerland.

Choosing the Right Watch for You

Should you purchase quartz or mechanical engraved watches? As stated above – quartz watches have substantially fewer parts then its mechanical cousin and should be considered the more accurate of the two. If you are planning on using your watch on a daily basis then we recommend purchasing a quartz model which is always less expensive and will in most cases give you trouble free operation for years before needing to change its battery. However – if you are purchasing engraved watches that are destined to become a family heirloom, then we recommend choosing a mechanical style. Old fashioned and not as accurate as a quartz version – mechanical watches make up the difference in shear form and beauty of function. Nothing is more impressive then winding a mechanical watch and then marveling at the dozens of tiny moving parts that drive the mechanism. What they lack in accuracy, they make up for in beauty.

Make your gift extra special. Each of our clocks and watches can be engraved for a nominal fee.